• Legal translations
  • “Sworn” or certified translations (translation of any type of certificates: marriage, birth, divorce and death certificates. Police records. Documentation related to education: university degrees, academic records, etc. Legal documents: contracts, company documentations. Notary documents: affidavits, testaments, etc. Health certificates…)
  • Technical translations
  • Software translations
  • SAP translation
  • Business documents
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Web pages
  • Proofreading and correction of Translations already made and of texts written by the customer

Do not hesitate in getting in contact with us to propose any type of translation. We will study your case in detail and we will try to offer you the most appropriate solution.

Prices and estimates

At Tradualia we always try to offer our clients competitive prices. In order to do this we prefer to study each project and its characteristics individually to be able to offer a competitive quote which at the same time reflects: the language combination, the level of specialisation of the text, the urgency, etc.

We also offer discounts for big projects and special prices for our regular clients.

Together with the translation, you will receive the corresponding bill. Payment should take place within 30 days of the billing date.

If the translation has to be printed on paper before being handed in or sent the client, the expenses derived from delivering the translated material via carrier services or post will be added to the bill.

If you would like to get a free estimate, please send us an e-mail to, specifying the following data::

  • Language combination
  • Volume (amount of words or pages)
  • Required delivery date
  • Document format (Word, PDF, scanned image, Excel, etc.)
  • If it is a “sworn” translation

We will reply as soon as possible and without any obligation.