Tradualia is my professional project. I have a degree in English Language (Deusto University, Spain) and in Translation and Interpretation (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain). In 2001 I started to work as a junior translator in a translation and localization agency. In 2006 I was appointed sworn translator of English by the Spanish Foreign Office and a year later, already a senior translator and project manager, I decided to become a freelance translator. Ever since I've been collaborating with different translation agencies and I've been working hard in order to extend my portfolio of clients and collaborators.

I do not work alone as I have established a professional team of translators and correctors that collaborate with me and who have a wide ranging knowledge and experience in different fields of translation. I am based in Barcelona (Spain) but new technologies allow both me and my collaborators to work for clients all around the world and have highly qualified collaborators in any country.

Our objective

At Tradualia we appreciate that every client and every project is different, therefore we aim to adapt the way we work to the needs of each client to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. Our goal is to ensure that the finished text is a true representation of the original text, so much so that the reader cannot recognise the text to be a translation.

Tradualia will handle all the material that is sent to us with complete confidentiality.